When will Michigan turn into a green state?

When will Michigan turn into a green state?


Marijuana has been the base of a lot of debates, and there have been people protesting to legalise recreational marijuana. Thanks to all the studies which prove marijuana is actually beneficial for a lot of health conditions and is absolutely safe to use. Marijuana has been legalized in the state of Michigan but, that’s not it. The legalisation comes with a lot of rules and regulations which have to be followed at any cost. Marijuana in Michigan stands illegal in the federal government for it is still considered a drug. Make sure you are well versed with the rules and regulations before you get your hands on them.


Your question, when will marijuana be legal in Michigan has been finally answered. Marijuana was legalized on 6th December 2018 in the Michigan state of United States. It is the 10th state in its nation to have received a green signal in terms of marijuana consumption. The legalization comes at a cost of a lot of rules and regulations which ought to be followed and seem never-ending.

Though a milestone, it yet has a long way to go. If you wish to possess marijuana, you need to be aware of what you are barred to do from and what is absolutely legal. The laws are quite confusing for the things which you cannot do are more than the things you can do. Bear with us in the path where we are trying to educate you about the recently passed marijuana law.

What does the Law state?

The law states possession and consumption of marijuana throughout the state will now be legal from 6th of December, 2018 and it is legal for people who are 21 or older to possess and consume marijuana. Adults can store an amount of up to 10 ounces of marijuana at home, or grow up to 12 plants for self-consumption. If you wish to carry marijuana with you within the state, you are allowed an amount of 2.3 ounces, which mustn’t be increased as it is the highest carry limit. Adults with possession can only smoke it in private areas and smoking in public and restricted areas within the country is illegal.

Things to be aware of

Every single activity mentioned in the law has a condition which you have to be aware of. You can refer to the article for further insights about the law.

  • You can consume marijuana but not buy or sell it

Adults above the age of 21 are allowed to possess and consume marijuana but, you cannot sell or buy marijuana. Buying or selling marijuana from any medium is illegal at every level and if done, can lead you into problems. You can get medical marijuana from the nearest marijuana dispensary from the medical marijuana card you possess. You are free to buy the prescribed amount of marijuana if you need the assistance of marijuana from any medical conditions which are approved by the government.

  • Medical marijuana dispensaries cannot trade in recreational marijuana

Medical marijuana dispensaries are licensed to sell marijuana only for medicinal purposes. There are a number of medical conditions stated by the government which are approved from marijuana consumption and are believed to possess the power of treating certain ailments. Check out the list of medical conditions and see if your medical condition is eligible for a medical marijuana card. Getting a card is a detailed process; make sure you follow all the steps if you want to successfully get a medical card. For children who fall below the age group which has been approved, parental assistance is a must and has a different procedure of applying for a card. For children, the assistance of a guardian throughout the process of application, buying and consumption is a must.

No dispensary is licensed to sell marijuana for the purpose of recreational use. Under no circumstance can you get recreational marijuana from a medical dispensary and the laws ought not to change till the end of this year.

  • You can borrow it from a friend or relative

If a friend or a relative of yours has a medical card and is eligible to buy legal marijuana, you can share it. If the individual wishes, he or she can share a part from his or her share of marijuana. The purpose can be gifted or borrowed, but under no circumstance is the person permitted to charge you for the same.

  • You can grow marijuana at home for self consumption

You can cultivate your own share of marijuana though. But so are there some implications to it. You are barred from growing more than 12 marijuana plants. All the items you require to cultivate marijuana can be bought from a store, but no store is permitted to sell you the plants. Buy the materials and cultivate the marijuana at your home for you. You may even assign a care taker to do the job but the caretaker is as well not liable to charge you for the plants which they would grow because you are the sole owner of the plants.

  • Pot can be used only in private

You cannot hit the streets after smoking cannabis. It is illegal for you to smoke marijuana in public. The best place to smoke marijuana is in a residential place. Also, you cannot smoke pot in working areas or even college, because such places are restricted areas. Some universities even barred students from possessing marijuana within the boundaries of the campus and the student is obligated to follow the rule as the law doesn’t stand in such cases. Universities are extremely strict about the rules and orders they pass on for their institutions and mind it, almost all the universities have such rules.

  • Transporting it from other states is a big No!

There are other states in the country where buying recreational marijuana is legal but you cannot buy marijuana there and decide to import it into Michigan. It is not permitted because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level and any such import or export act is punishable by law.

  • Medical marijuana business

Marijuana business is really a profitable business but, come along all the risks. If you want to pursue a career in this industry you need a lot of investment and a lot of patience and determination. Also, you are required to keep your business plan flexible for marijuana laws are ever changing. At present all you can get into is medical marijuana dispensaries and be well learnt about the licensing process, it is never-ending. Even after you manage to get yourself licensed, you have this possibility of losing it at any moment. Stick by the rules if you wish it to last for a long time. The license is not being granted for recreational marijuana deals and the applications might be accepted only after the end of the month of December in the year 2019.

When will recreational marijuana be legally traded?

Trading recreational marijuana is illegal at present and will stay illegal till the end of this year. It will be as far as 9th of December in 2019 when Michigan government will release its final statement in regards to dealings in recreational marijuana. Any kind of licensing of business organizations or dispensaries with respect to recreational marijuana will not be granted till them. It will be the end of the year when the licensing process will be taken forward to the next level for approval. There is also, no assurity regarding the approval and passing of the law, as no one knows how long would the approval process go on. All we can do is, wait for the procedure and legalization of the law and the fact that medical cannabis Michigan is legal stays constant.


Medical marijuana was legalised in the year 2016 and then, possession and consumption have as well been legalized from the end of 2018.  But you cannot simply roll on a joint in public and enjoy it. There are many things you are barred of, as the law comes with a lot of rules and regulations which have to be followed under all circumstances. If not followed, and found guilty, the person is punishable by law. Abide by the rules if you wish to dodge the problems and penalties.

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The article has all the basic information about the mmfla and would help you in a great way to have a basic idea of what is legal and what isn’t. Also, the expected and possible further mmfla Michigan has been covered by this article. If you need to know all the exact and dept details, make sure you research every single thing about the law on the internet. Especially if you wish to get into the business of marijuana industry, it is more than important for you to know every minute detail and aspect of the laws passed. For further assistant feel free to contact us regarding all your queries.

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