Ways to know if marijuana is male or female

Ways to know if marijuana is male or female

If you have ever considered growing cannabis, you would know the importance of female seeds as compared to the male ones. If you are a beginner, it is very much essential to know a special significance which female seeds have and male seeds doesn’t. This article is for both such people but, before we know How to tell the difference between a male and female marijuana plant, we will talk about why female and the male plants need to be sorted out.

When you grow marijuana, male plants are almost useless for you and you have to get rid of the male plants and preserve only the female ones i.e. you must have all the plants you are growing only in the female parts. This is because the male plants produce small sacks of pollens which is located near the base of the leaves, whereas if we talk about females, they are not pollinated and produce flowers. Plants which have flowers and resins are more deemed to produce cannabis which is of high potency and this is all which is required out of the plants – high-potency cannabis. If you recall, the females are the ones which are non-pollinated and hence they are the ones which have to be preserved. And, to decrease further pollination, male flowers are to be completely gotten rid of.

How to tell if a marijuana plant is male or female

We know the importance of female plants but do you know How to tell the difference between male and female marijuana plants? Here are two ways specially gathered for you to know the distinction between a male and female cannabis and How to tell male from female marijuana plants.

Know which plants are male

  • Male plants can be differentiated from the female plants just by the looks. Male plants have thicker stalks as compared to the female one. This is because male plants grow taller than the female plants and hence to help support them, they have a thicker stalk. The male plants even have fewer leaves on them.

  • You have to check the plants regularly from the month of July to the month of September and differentiate the plants. This is because if even one male plant sticks around the bunch of females and starts pollinating the bunch, the females will focus more on producing seeds rather than THC. So it is very essential that you perform regular checks on the bunch of plants you are growing. The time when male plants show their sex type is around 7-10 days when you are growing them indoors and 3 weeks if you are growing them outdoors.

  • The next thing which differentiates the male from the female is little balls which grow on the joint of the stalks i.e. where all the various branches come in contact with the main branch. Females may have them too but, what is different is that females will have white hair on them. So, you have to be very careful before cutting them, wait, check and then cut them off.

  • Hermaphroditic plants are the ones which have both the sexes. It is important to know that such plants also come into the male category when we talk about marijuana and must be gotten rid of. You have to be pretty careful as these plants have both the sex organs of a male and a female and have the potential of destroying your crop. Please note that if you happen to see any tall male buds, you have to get rid of them just like you would if they were males.

  • Once you have identified the male plants, you can either get rid of it rather than just getting rid of the entire plants. What you must not do is to try to remove the buds yourself by cutting them. If you do not do it properly and leave behind even a few buds, your crop is deemed to getting spoiled. So the best thing to do is to get rid of the male part until and unless you want to use it for breeding purposes. In that case, put them separately from the existing bunch of females and make sure no contact is made between both the bunches even through you. This is because some buds may ever travel through you from the clothes you wear or even your hands.  

Know which plants are female

If you are yet not clear with the ways in which male plants can be sorted out, you can learn how to tell if a marijuana seed is female. Below are the ways in which you will be able to identify the female plants and the remaining are the male plants which have to be gotten rid of.

  • You can be out of tension for about 6 weeks because that is the constant time which is to be provided to them before you determine their gender. This constant time is provided beforehand, based on the fact that male or female plants stay identical, without any similarities for the first 6 weeks. After this time duration, they start developing organs according to their gender and is the time when you need to start checking out and need to stay cautious. For the ease of production, you can even buy feminine seeds which are available in the market which are sure to be only females. But, that doesn’t mean you can stay ignorant. An error may happen and in order to rectify them, you have to keep a close eye.

  • Once the plants are grown up, you will be easily able to differentiate among them as the female plants will a lot bushier as compared to the male plants. That is the female will have more leaves and will have thin stems and branches. The males have fewer leaves and thick and sturdier stalks. Females will even be short and have more leaves near the top.

  • Till this moment, the plants must have become matured and this is when the female plants will start producing flowers. The flowers can be identified through small translucent hairs, known as pistols which start developing in the branches which meet the main stem. These pistols will have small tear shaped bud coming out which would be tucked in the joint. Female plants will even grow new branches and new sets of leaves which can also be used as a form of distinction. If for a change you see plants which are growing both pistols and pollen sacs. Then beware, those are hermaphroditic and also are to be gotten rid of just like a male plant.

  • Only the female plants are required because they are the ones which produce enough THC which is the result expected out of a cannabis plant. This THC is what is used for medicinal purposes and is the end result which is expected out of the plants and is what you are actually producing the crops in the first place. Female plants, if come in contact with pollen from male plants will produce seeds. If this happens, the female plants will put up the entire efforts into making the seeds and production of THC will be ignored. And to produce the best THC buds, you need to make sure the females are not anywhere near the pollens, at any cost.  As the females are the only ones which produce the end results you wish to have.

An exception indeed

There are fare chances that your bunch of female plants will create a male plant rather than focusing on producing THC buds. This happens when there is a lot of stress in the plants. They simply change their sex. They are not hermaphrodites but the leading cause of stress makes them change their sex. So, you have to make sure the plants do not incur any kind of stress. This can be reduced or taken care of by providing the perfect amount of sunlight and not keeping the plants in darkness. Darkness is the main cause of the development of stress in the plants which is very harmful. So, know in advance, what is the appropriate timing of light which is to be provided to the plants and what amount would be sufficient to keep them out of stress. Apart from light, you need to keep a check on all the other things which are required by the plants and check they are provided in the correct proportion as they are meant to.


Sorting out the male plants from the female is very important and has to be your priority if you want to get a fruit of all the hard work you would be putting in for months straight. Know in advance the ways in which you can differentiate the plants and also know what are the alternatives which can be done rather than just throwing away the male plants i.e. you can even use them to produce seeds which should be done separately.

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