Things to know about selling Marijuana in Michigan

Things to know about selling Marijuana in Michigan


Marijuana is finally legalized in Michigan but, do you think you could literally do anything with the law being passed? No! There are many terms and conditions you need to abide by. For the same, you need to know them in the first place. Let’s go in detail, the dos and don’ts while you consider any aspect about marijuana.


It was on 6 December 2018, when Michigan’s marijuana law was enforced. Since then, it is legal for anyone above the age of 21 to smoke it. Cannabis in Michigan was the 10th state and the first in Midwest to be declared legal and many events were organized to celebrate the Thursday’s passed law.

This wasn’t it. Among all the rules and regulations, there has been a lot of confusion among the residents of Michigan. They do not know or understand the entire law with effect and have been seeking out the same through various attempted phone calls. Here is an article to guide you in a better way. Make sure you go through the entire article.

5 things you need to know about dealings with marijuana in Michigan.

There have been many demands made, regarding marijuana law. But, not all the demands were met. Not all the aspects went into the effect and hence, it is important to know what ought to be legal and what not. Here is a list of 5 things which is must for you to know before you decide or go hit the pot.

1. It is legal to smoke weed but buying it is not

You can consume and possess marijuana if you are above 21 in age but, you cannot buy it or even try to sell it. It is absolutely illegal. Do you know what it means? You are free to consume the marijuana you already possess it with you and you need not to tell us the way you caught hold of it. But, it is only if you need more, that you need a medical marijuana card.

If you now think about growing marijuana, you are absolutely free to do it. You can grow marijuana if you already have the plants at your place. But, if you wish to buy the plants or if you wish to sell the marijuana plant you grew up yourself, it is yet illegal.

There is also a barrier to the amount of marijuana you can possess, as per the law. The new law states and gives you the permission of carrying around up to 2.5 ounces. Here is an exception as well, you cannot do the same if you are at a K-12 school or on any federal property. If you plan on visiting any such places, make sure you leave marijuana at home. And, that was the quantity you can carry. You can store up more at your home, that is up to 10 ounces and if growing, you can grow up to 12 plants for maximum.

Let me tell you the 2.5 ounces is equal to around 140 joints containing 0.5 grams each. This is actually quite a lot for most of the people and so, considering the legal amount to be less makes absolutely no point.

2. You are only permitted to smoke pot in private

You cannot go around the streets while smoking marijuana since it is now illegal. Smoking marijuana in public is absolutely prohibited just like alcohol is. Do not expect to be finding any place filled with marijuana smokers or anyone smoking out marijuana in public. This could get you in trouble if you are caught, which you are likely to.

For better living and avoiding any hindrances, landlords, leaseholders or business owners can opt to make the rule for their premises. They can make rules and ask the leases to strictly follow it. Rules may include no smoking pot in their building premises, both within and outside. But this, however, can bare the person from smoking marijuana. These rules cannot take away the right of the person of possessing marijuana. They can also not bare you from consuming any kind of marijuana product which doesn’t contain smoke at it. Make sure you are aware of this so you know what is right and what not.

There is however an exception to the rule and law. The law doesn’t enforce in educational institutions, such as universities and colleges. Colleges and universities have their own set of rules and regulations. One of those rules is “a drug free policy”. You cannot consume marijuana in your room and neither on the campus. Also, possessing marijuana is as well prohibited. Most of the colleges have this rule and it abides by it. Even if the law changes, the rules of the college won’t and you will be punished if found guilty of the offense.

3. Neither can you try to import marijuana into Michigan

Now, when buying marijuana is a crime, you might be thinking about an alternative of buying it from somewhere else and then using it in your state. This activity is as well prohibited and illegal. You cannot simply try and import or export marijuana from other places and use it in Michigan. Yes, we know, buying it is legal in 9 other states but it is yet not legal to bring it back to Michigan.

Even though you can consume it, yet you cannot transport it. Even if you plan to do so, let us inform you. Federal law bans marijuana. So, if you try to transport these drugs across state or national border, it would be drawn into the notice as drug trafficking. And yes, it is illegal. Make sure you do no such thing as it is punishable by law.

4. Shops will not open for as long as a year

If you think about opening up any kind of recreational Cannabis Michigan, you have a long way to go. You cannot, as for now operate or even try to operate in the state. In the month of December in the year 2019 is when any law regarding recreational marijuana can be expected to be passed. No way before the same. The state will by then figure out the norms regarding License to sell marijuana and its regulations.

5. The law is probably natured to change but is yet far away.

If any of the bills or an initiative is put forward. A majority of 2 i.e. state house and senate of about ¾ is required, if any changes are to be made. And regarding the same, many legislators have been trying to put a ballot initiate forward.

A Republican majority senate leader has however put forward a bill that would make marijuana legal to grow at home and it aims at changing the tax structure established by the law in a drastic way.

But, if you have a legal marijuana card, you can legally purchase marijuana products and nothing can stop you from doing that. But, acquiring it and then selling it to others is just not acceptable and is yet illegal. You cannot collect any kind of payment and distribute the marijuana you legally acquired from dispensaries.  

You can buy the raw material to grow your own plant

You will find every material which is used to grow marijuana in a normal hydroponic or gardening store including Marijuana seeds for sale. Though here is the exception, you cannot directly buy the marijuana itself. It is illegal. You can receive plants and clipping from your friends as a gift if you want to grow your own marijuana. But, your friend cannot ask for the pay for it. Buying plants and clipping even from friends and relatives is yet illegal.

Gifting is acceptable

If you have a legal marijuana card and can purchase it from a dispensary, it is fair enough. You can even gift your possession to your friends and relatives and there is no problem in it. But, for instance, you cannot simply sell it to them. You cannot ask for a fee or be demanded a fee. Purchase of any kind and so is selling, illegal, even if the parties are well known people.


We hope all the above mentioned conditions have successfully reached up to you. This is what we aimed at. Yes, cannabis is legal, but selling and buying it is a big NO! Law doesn’t let you sell cannabis either by producing or reselling the items you bought at a local dispensary. You can only possess it and smoke it in private. There is also a set quantity marked which mustn’t be exceeded.

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