Criminal, Immigration, Appellate Lawyer: That’s what I do! As a solo practicing attorney, I am hardworking and reliable. I pride myself on doing far more than the bare minimum, never discounting any possibilities in my clients’ cases until I have vetted every avenue for success or defense. Candid and frank, I will tell you the issues as I see them. My job isn’t to ‘make the client take a plea” rather advise of every risk and option. I believe the final decision always lies with the client, however, along the way, I provide the information for an informed decision.

Awards and Recognition

I stay up to date on the ever-changing field of criminal defense, immigration, and appellate law. A list of things I do or have done are:

Served as an Adjunct Legal Professor
American Bar Association published my article “Immigration Law: A Primer”.
Testified as Expert in Cases on the Field of Immigration Law
Lectured at Continuing Education Classes on the Topic of Immigration and Criminal Law
Honored as a Top Blogger in the Criminal Law Field by the American Bar Association
Member of Afghan Health and Afghans for a Civil Society
Member of Northern Virginians Against the Death Penalty
Member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys

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