Mike Rothman

My name is Mike Rothman. I am a trial attorney with my office located in Rockville, Maryland. I am licensed to practice before the federal and state courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
I have represented thousands of clients in matters involving criminal defense, which includes general criminal defense, white collar defense, DUI/DWI, sex offenses, drug crimes, and domestic violence cases, to name just some of the areas. In addition, I have extensive experience in commercial litigation of business and commercial matters, including corporate disputes over ownership, business, and contract rights.
My law office is dedicated to the idea that your attorney is there to help you understand the legal matters you are facing and help make educated decisions about your future moving forward. How can your legal representative help you if you don’t know your options, don’t know what legal obstacles you face, or don’t know the consequences?
By educating the client about the many systems and actors at work in the case, I help my clients bring the best possible defense in a case — regardless of the circumstances. If you have been charged with a crime or are now involved in a legal matter requiring a court appearance, you have options. The first step is consulting with an attorney who understands the legal complexities of your case and who can explain to you in plain language the consequences and possible defenses available. Why settle for an attorney who doesn’t understand you or your legal needs? I can provide you with the help you need for your legal matter — no matter how complex or hopeless it may seem at the time.
A great lawyer can make all the difference.
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