Guide to Marijuana laws for medical and recreational purposes in Michigan

Guide to Marijuana laws for medical and recreational purposes in Michigan


The marijuana laws in Michigan have changed recently and this article will tell you everything about them. We will also discuss the things which you can and you cannot do after marijuana legalization Michigan.


As we all know, medical marijuana in Michigan can be acquired when you get the medical marijuana card. It is also necessary for you to be a part of the Michigan Medical Marijuana  Program. This makes you eligible to get a marijuana card. To know more about getting a marijuana card in Michigan read In recent days, recreational marijuana laws in Michigan saw a major change. It is now legalized to use, grow and possess marijuana apart from medical reasons alone. But there are some limitations and restrictions which we will discuss further.

During the 2018 elections, the people of Michigan voted to legalize recreational marijuana in the city. The proposition was made to allow the individuals older than 21 to consume, possess and grow marijuana. It is the first city in the mid-west to legalize the practice of recreational marijuana. Marijuana legal in Michigan does not mean that one can possess any amount of marijuana. Also, there is no place in Michigan that sells recreational marijuana as of now. The first few shops are expected to sell marijuana in 2020 only. This is because the state lawmakers need time to regulate, decriminalize and license the shops in Michigan. As far as medical marijuana is concerned, it was legalized in the year 2008. It became the 13th state to legalize medical marijuana. So private individuals who grow marijuana and medical dispensaries are the major sources of marijuana in the city. Read more about the history of marijuana in Michigan on

Recreational marijuana laws and its limitations in Michigan

  • After marijuana legal Michigan, the state has released limitations over possession, cultivation, purchasing, consuming have been imposed. This is to regulate the good functioning of recreational marijuana in the city. It has now become the 10th city in the USA to legalize marijuana. But the use of marijuana is still against the federal laws of America. In terms of marijuana laws Michigan, an individual in the state can possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana outside. 10 ounces of marijuana can be possessed inside your homes. For medical marijuana too, the same amount of possession is allowed. Also one can have a maximum of 15 grams of marijuana concentrates only.

  • Possession of marijuana: Medical marijuana is sold in equivalents in the solid, liquid and gaseous form. The possession of these equivalents is given under the Medical Marijuana Act. As per this Act, an individual can have 16 ounces of marijuana products in the solid form. 7 grams of a gaseous form of marijuana-infused products and 36 ounces of fluid infused marijuana products are allowed. Both recreational marijuana and medical marijuana can be grown at home. A citizen of Michigan can possess 12 plants at a time. In case you break these marijuana laws in Michigan, then you will be fined with 500 USD.

  • Purchasing of marijuana: Now let us know about the limitations imposed on purchasing marijuana in Michigan. Currently, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is framing regulations to set up the recreational marijuana industry. This might take a year or so. However, under the ¬†Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, the citizens of Michigan can get marijuana from industry. On can use the Medical Marijuana card to obtain them. You can check about the nearest dispensaries in your city on our website: People with a qualifying medical condition along with the card can get medical marijuana. Others can cultivate the required marijuana in their homes.

  • Consumption of marijuana: You can consume marijuana with the amount of possession you have, but it is an offense to use it in public. In case you are smoking with recreational marijuana, it should be done privately only. Smoking in public or crowded places is not allowed. They must not consume marijuana in public properties and should be away from the view of the public. It is not advisable to use marijuana in public transport, roads, and public buildings. For medical marijuana, one has to follow the provisions given by the Medical Marijuana Act. It is permitted for the patients to use marijuana in public for critical situations.

  • Cultivating marijuana: In November 2018, Proposal 1 was passed and marijuana became legal in Michigan. Under this proposal, only all the above rules were stated. In the same way, cultivation also has some rules to follow. An adult who is older than 21 and is a citizen of Michigan can cultivate marijuana. An individual can grow recreational marijuana in a way that is covered by the public. That is the marijuana plants must be locked and secured in separate rooms or place. Also, one person is allowed to grow only 12 Marijuana plants. For medical purposes too, patients can grow 12 Marijuana plants in their homes.
  • Export of marijuana: Neither medical patients nor recreational users can export marijuana to other states. Export of marijuana is thus prohibited under the Medical Marijuana Act and Proposal 1. It is illegal to take them while traveling under any circumstance. Only purchasing of marijuana from dispensaries is legal, selling them again to different cities is a big offense. When marijuana is found to be mailed, transported in boats, flights, you are vulnerable to risks and can be punished.

  • Transporting marijuana: Transportation of marijuana within the state is however legal. Both recreational or medical marijuana can be transported to caregivers, qualified patients, and adults who are older than 21. All marijuana-infused products and marijuana plants are transported when they are fully sealed. Also, there must be a label attached to the package that describes what is inside. Otherwise, it can be carried in the trunk of the car. If an adult is found to be violating these laws, they can be fined with 250 USD minimum. To get more information about marijuana use by adults and patients in marijuana visit

  • Other restrictions: The citizens and consumers of marijuana in Michigan need to be safe. This is because it is very similar to alcohol or any other drug. It is an offense to drive under the influence of any of these drugs. An individual who has used marijuana either for medical or recreational purposes cannot drive. It is strictly prohibited and one can be imposed with heavy fines. Sometimes they can be sent to jail as punishment too. It is recommended you stay cautious when taking marijuana in public or to different states. You can use public transport when you have used marijuana.


Using marijuana in Michigan for recreational purposes is a good idea when you are aware of all these rules. All of them are mentioned under Proposal 1. Michigan has shown an amazing increase in the revenue of the marijuana industry. In 2018, the industry made a tax revenue of 266 million USD. This is because of the massive increase in the Medical Marijuana industry in Michigan. There are about 300,000 patients in the city alone. Unfortunately, many dispensaries are concentrated in the areas of Detroit and Flint alone. But this is compensated with the liberalization in the transport of marijuana. Caregivers are also dedicated to taking marijuana for patients who have subscribed to it. Thus this has sustained the industry and it will continue to grow in the future. Soon recreational marijuana industries will also be set up to boost the sales.

In Michigan, medical laws are applicable to patients who have a qualified medical condition. These conditions are mentioned in the Medical Marijuana Act. They must also have a written certification from a qualified doctor to be eligible for buying medical marijuana. This confirms that the patient will receive benefit from the use of medical marijuana.

You must also remember that one can sell marijuana only after getting a proper license from the state. If anybody sells or transports marijuana without this license, it is a highly punishable act. So beware of unlicensed recreational marijuana industries these days. Make sure you grow your own marijuana until the industry comes up from the year 2020.

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The marijuana industry is an industry that is full of scope as well as some risks involved. To be always aware of the marijuana laws Michigan, you can contact our lawyers. They will give you updates about the recent changes in laws whenever possible. This will help you stay safe and legal in the industry. You can also read several other articles posted by us on our website on how to grow marijuana and other important topics. If you are a patient, then you can contact our team of doctors regarding any query. Also, you can quickly find out about the dispensaries for buying licensed marijuana near you.

This will surely help you to stay updated with marijuana laws and enjoy having recreational marijuana in Michigan without any issues.

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