What experts are saying about Medical Marijuana Business?

What experts are saying about Medical Marijuana Business?


Entrepreneur enthusiasts have been turning their views highly toward pursuing Medical marijuana business. The reason being, Marijuana business is rumoured to be deemed to produce ample money returns. Expert’s take on this is to go in dept and know every minute detail about the market possibilities. Market realities are a thing and need to be known well enough before any further decision is made.


Marijuana has been legalized on 6th December of last year. Since then you are applicable to possess an amount of 2.3 ounces of cannabis with you. It can be smoked in private and is a big no in public. Cannabis is still illegal in terms of recreational use. You cannot buy or sell cannabis to anyone including to your near and dear ones. Though, you can gift them some from your share of medical marijuana but, cannot charge them with the same. In Michigan, marijuana is permitted for purchase only through licensed dispensaries. People having a valid medical marijuana card can only purchase marijuana from dispensaries.

With freshly passed law and fewer dispensaries in work, youngsters are seeking to pursue a career in the marijuana industry in Michigan. Medical marijuana Michigan ought to be the next big business deal and people have been wanting to go through the same and increase their income manifolds. But you never know how successful they would turn out to be. Some might be successful and will expand their business in leaps and beyond, while others might just be able to survive. The remaining ought to fail miserably.

Expert’s take on the Medical Marijuana Business

Expert’s state there are been students who wish to get involved in this business. This is because they have been witnessing great growth and returns in simultaneously other states which have passed the cannabis law way before as compared to Michigan. But what they lack is that they are so often filled with the desire to operate that they do not try to know the reality which runs deep into the roots of this business. There has to be thorough research conducted on who gets benefitted through such business, how they got into the business, what are the decisions they took, can same things be implemented in this state too, etc.

Failure is inevitable

We have witnessed a lot of business emerging for a long time including a lot of instant boom industries such as coffee shops and brewpubs. For instance, Starbucks started from minimal outlets and grew into many outlets located at every corner. But you cannot ignore the fact that many of them did fail, with the same brand being adopted. There were a number of outlets which had to be closed and that is what we need to weigh in.

Since then the assumption stays, experts say the startup cost is unexpectedly high, the competition stands very tough at every place, quality of product maintenance is really a concern and if not met, failure is deemed to arise.

Experts have clearly stated that there is going to be periods of expansion even in Medical marijuana in Michigan when there are clearly going to be a few winners and a bunch of losers. They further say the business competition, along with being tough, be overly crowded first. The stats state, based on the excessive competition, some will survive while most of them will not.

Experts say, there has even been an assumption of marijuana industry being simple, lucrative and relaxing, the reality is quite the opposite of it.

High risks are in abundance

Let’s start with the fact that some entrepreneurs will make millions from this business. But that wouldn’t be that simple. There are many things which would take the most from you in order for you to reach that level.

The cost acquired by people who grow, process and sell marijuana is really very high, higher than expected. This is because the struggle of capital investment is real, which is required for the detailed process of producing marijuana plus the additional licensing charges.

Stats are investment of around $1 million is required to get into the cultivating business which is a lot of money. If we talk about opening a dispensary, it may cost you somewhere around $200,000 to $600,000. That price varies according to the size of the place and also its decor. There is an additional annual licensing fee which needs to be paid and might cost around ten to thousands of dollars. Capital requirements are another must.

There is no stability in this industry. There is always this fear of losing the license which leads to the shutting down of the business and losses would be at its peak. There are also a bunch of regulations which have to be followed and have been imposed upon by the state and federal labour laws. The regulations of law are sure to give you a hard time and you never know what might change and affect your business.

Difficulty in dealings and investment

Banks and various financial institutions do not support or provide with the capital investment for setting up a dispensary. You have to rely solely upon yourself for the same, as you cannot borrow it from various financial institutions.  

Marijuana is yet illegal, at the federal level. This makes it very difficult for the dealers to make transaction and payment virtually. There are no banking and credit card facilities which support such dispensaries and hence, every single dealing and transaction is done on a cash basis.

The laws aren’t done here. There is extreme pressure of taxes which are imposed on such businesses. The Marijuana news Michigan states, there is a section of the federal tax code known as 280E which bars pot shops from deducting such routine normal business costs such as rent, utilities and payroll which indirectly mean, the federal tax rate for marijuana business may be as high as 70 to 80 per cent.

Competition would be the people who have money at their back in advance. This would flush out all the other rather small seekers, out of the business.

Branding is the key

Any industry, irrespective of its type and nature would surely stand out with effective branding. Make sure you perform the same and disclose how your business and services including counselling are supposed to work.

Customer support is the most important thing and priority. Make sure you excel in it and provide quality services, making customers extremely happy and comfortable. Make a goal of creating an atmosphere at your dispensary which is more of like a boutique and not a typical office.

Also, come up with an effective plan and ways to sell off your products with the value they deserve. Keeping a close watch on profitability is what will get your business boosting. Pay the taxes, follow the rules, keep community’s betterment in mind and you are sure to find success in your way.

Follow the pattern

It is always recommended to move vertically. That is, start with cultivating the marijuana, then process it in the next step and then sell it in their own retail spaces. Operating in one segment of the industry is never a good plan.

Only cultivating would lead to large supply and the price is deemed to decrease. But, on the other front, if all the activities are done by you, you can produce and sell it at an appropriate price at your dispensary. If you follow the entire pattern efficiently, your return is going to be proportionate to the investment and efforts you put up.

People who operate in an appropriate way, brand as per the requirements, and have a clearer view and idea of what they are doing and what ought to be done are the ones who are going to be successful. For the one who has no idea what is to be done, is going to have a tough time.


We do not ignore that fact that the marijuana industry indeed, has a lot of money. But, you cannot save up a bunch of money and decide you wish to take on the business. There are going to be lots of hindrance and challenges which you need to face. The suggestion is to make sure you indulge in the industry only when you are 100 per cent sure you want to do it. A little bit of passion won’t take you places. A lot more is demanded out of you in the entire process of setting up Marijuana Michigan dispensary or business. Even after you have started operating, there are yet a lot of risks which you might come across. Because there is always this fear of getting shut down or being deprived of further license which is must to run on the business. Make sure, you have an effective strategy which would be sure to work if any such issues arise.

Call to action

If you are sure to get yourself into this industry and are serious to pursue it, you can go through the internet and turn to various people to know what is required to be successful. Get in touch with us if you have any queries. For more details regarding the law of marijuana in Michigan visit this site – https://dispensarypermits.com/united-states-marijuana-dispensary-laws/open-a-dispensary-in-michigan/ and for consultation visit – https://greenrushconsulting.com/open-a-dispensary-in-michigan/

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