How to become a self marijuana caregiver in Michigan?

How to become a self marijuana caregiver in Michigan?


Being a caregiver can be one of your interests. But, does everyone possess the right to become a caregiver, is a matter of question. There are lots of things which need to be taken into account, only then can you successfully be someone’s caregiver. Because the dealing is in drugs which have strict rules. Hence, if you want to be a caregiver, you are as well bound by some rules. Here are the things which will get you a view about what it demands out of a Michigan Marijuana caregiver.


Not everyone who is in need of marijuana knows how to obtain it. There are many people who are ill enough to meet their requirements or are ignorant enough to not get everything sorted. The reason might be anything and, all of them ends in patients not being able to assist themselves. This is when a caregiver comes into the procedure. A person, who is a qualified medical marijuana patient, can take help and assistance from a medical marijuana caregiver. All the people not being able to manage their treatment procedure can take assistance from Michigan medical marijuana caregiver. A caregiver can help you with the buying procedure, and also with the medication.

Who is a caregiver?

A caregiver is initially termed as a ‘primary caregiver’. So, a primary caregiver can be referred to as a person who helps medical marijuana patients. In-depth, a caregiver consents on assisting a patient with his buying marijuana needs as well as its use. Also, a caregiver should have never been declared guilty or been involved in any kind of illegal drugs dealings. The declaration, even though violent or not, isn’t acceptable as far as the past 10 years. There are vast numbers of options available for the caregiver to provide services. The person can choose one or all, depending upon the interest and capability. They may even agree to assist any individual or a group of individuals and agree on compensating them.

What do they do?

  • They help patients acquire medical marijuana

If you are able to register yourself successfully as a caregiver, you will be able to do a number of things legally. The things include, purchase marijuana on behalf of your patients, from a recognised source or simple any medium. No one would have a right to arrest you, while you assist your patients and buy marijuana for them to use. You are entitled to receive a commission for all the services you provide and all the agreements of compensating your patient.

  • They help patients grow and cultivate their own medical marijuana

The process of growing their own medical marijuana is often very difficult for patients. This is when they require a caregiver to help with the process, till they are well aware of doing all of it themselves. The assistance which the caregiver will provide will be in regards to, engineering and design, codes and constructions, and set up and operation. A caregiver is meant to help the patients find a strain or people who have knowledge about growing marijuana and who’s help is extremely necessary. Because of the nature of how this process works, the caregiver has a temporary role here. But the time till the patient is self-reliant might be weeks or even months, and is often not defined.

Other instances are when caregivers are required to grow marijuana of their behalf. And as per the Michigan Medical Marijuana act caregiver, a caregiver can grow up to 12 plants per patient. When the caregiver grows the plants, they are entitled to all the expenses which occur during the cultivation plus the commission or service charge they ask for. The cost of marijuana though cannot be demanded, as the caregiver has only service right and the plants are owned by the patient. If this is the case, the caregiver can actually be referred to as a professional gardener.

  • Other thing not related to medical marijuana

Some medical marijuana patients even hire a caregiver to meet their other needs which are nowhere related to marijuana. For example, a caregiver can be hired to carry the day to day activities of the patient such as grocery shopping, household chores and maintenance. The services provided can also include giving the patient ride to the doctor’s appointments appropriately, and various other assistance.

  • Adapts the service as per the need of the client or patient

The service of the caregiver need not be rigid and fixed. It is when the service is restricted, that leads to a negative impact and also loss of opportunities. A caregiver is often required to alter his/her services as per the patient’s need and demand. All the expectations and agreements should be discussed beforehand among both the parties and it is best to draw those agreements in a written form. Yes, a written contract lining the acceptance is a must.

How to be a caregiver in Michigan?

There are a few legal requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to be sure you are eligible to enrol for the position and get yourself licensed as a caregiver. Here are the 3 must legal requirements demanded out of Michigan Marijuana caregivers.

  • Age of the individual interested should be at least 21 years old.
  • Providing agreement on the assistance of the patient’s medical use of marijuana is a must.
  • Any felony conviction involving an illegal drug, a violent felony or any felony within the past ten years is just not acceptable.

The next step to be taken is to register with the state

A medical marijuana cardholder can designate one primary caregiver to assist him. He will have to submit some of your details along with his or her when; he or she applies for a medical card. The details need to be filled out are as below: –

1) The name, address, and date of birth of the patient’s primary caregiver.

2) A designation of whether the qualifying patient or the patient’s primary caregiver, if applicable, will be allowed to possess marijuana plants for the qualifying patient’s medical use.

3) An attestation by the primary caregiver named on the application that he or she agrees to serve as the patient’s primary caregiver.

4) A primary caregiver shall authorize the department to use the information provided on the application to secure his or her criminal conviction history to determine if he or she has a felony conviction involving illegal drugs, a violent felony, or any felony within the past ten years.

5) The qualifying patient must also submit photographic identification of both the qualifying patient and the patient’s primary caregiver. Photocopies of the following shall be considered acceptable forms of identification:

(i) Current driver’s license or identification card, with photo, issued by a state.

(ii) Identification card with photo issued by a federal, state, or government agency.

(iii) Current military identification card.

(iv) Current passport.

(v) Current student identification card with photo.

(vi) Native American tribal identification with photo

(vii) Permanent resident card or alien registration receipt card.

Compliance program

A compliance program contains all the set of rules and procedure which sum up the way caregivers carry on their business and service. These rules are drawn upon in order to facilitate operational procedures. These rules gather all the aspects of the business operation alongside the current regulations, i.e. MMMA. These rules are required to follow at every medium. A good compliance program consists of: –

  • The general business laws of the state
  • MMMA
  • Any local cannabis ordinances

The important features are as follows: –

1.      Provisions that relate to state and local rules for the cultivation

2.      Manufacturing of cannabis

3.      Sale of cannabis

4.      Policies and procedures


If you do not want to hit big or take a greater risk of carrying on the business of marijuana or setting up a dispensary but are passionate enough to pursue a career in the marijuana industry, then this job role is for you. You can simply be a Michigan Marijuana caregiver and assist those large numbers of patients who are in need of help. Make sure you follow all the rules and regulations as mentioned above or, there is a high chance you will get yourself in problems. Because, Hey! It is marijuana we are talking about, which is just fresh into the market imposed and set out free with a collectively large number of rules and regulation.

Call to action

Starting the journey of being a caregiver can be confusing as well, and so can it be frustrating. Yes, the opportunities are rare and the regulations are in abundance. It is best to simply know what you are doing and hence, you should catch hold of all the information you find. Begin your journey now and contact us if you have any queries relating to becoming a caregiver. We are here to help you with the best of resources we behold. Feel free to contact us and reach out to us via any medium of support we provide.

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